Using the Technique of the Masters: Joe McDonnell Demonstrates the Maroger Technique



Rio Rancho artist, Joe McDonnell gave a talk and demo at the RioRancho Art Association’s (RRAA)monthly meeting on how he uses the Maroger medium-one that was used extensively by the Italian and Flemish Masters. He has been using this technique in his pantings for many decades now and his work is very much so like the Flemish and Italian Masters.

The Maroger medium formula and technique was created by the Italian and Flemish artists. Since then, it was lost for several centuries until the formulation for it was discovered from restoration samples at the Louvre Museum. The formulation is a two part mastic and beeswax oil painting material that re-create the lighting effects, brushwork and the transparency of the shadows that give a painting depth without losing detail as practiced by the old European masters. Both are mixed right into the raw paint on the palette. The “Venetian” medium is based on the use of beeswax which artists found added a suppleness to oil paints eliminating evaporative cracking over time regardless of thickness of application. The “Flemish” medium gives the paint a “fresh, just painted” look, eliminating that “dry, flaky” final appearance due to the evaporation of the natural oils by the turpentine and eliminates the need for a final glossy varnish.

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