RRAA’s Valentine’s Day Card Making Extrvaganza

Hand made cards for Valentine’s Day

As a part of Rio Rancho Art Association’s Community Outreach, RRAA offered a free Valentine’s Day card making session at Cafe Bella Coffee in Rio Rancho. All the participants in this event came full of enthusiasm and raring to go-it was obvious that everyone enjoyed making their own cards (RRAA brought all supplies needed). The event ran from 10 am-12 noon and nearly everyone stayed the entire time. Ages of the participants ranged from aged 3 years old on up to 70ish or so. Nearly everyone that showed up had never done this kind of art activity before. Folks got to take advantage of the the cool art supplies provided: from rubber stamps, to specialty punches and scissors, to fancy paper and doilies. There was more than enough to go around and many made a handful of cards to take home and give to their loved ones.

Marty made one for his sister that said, “Free Hug”. He didn’t know how she was going to ‘collect’ it as she lives back east! It is safe to say that there will be some very surprised people this week when they receive their┬áspecial, one of a kind, hand made Valentine’s Day card. Nothing says it better than a hand made card.

A special thanks to the Rio Rancho High School National Art Honor Society students who showed up to help and super big thank you to owner, Mike Gonzales for helping RRAA bring art to the community!

You can enjoy (and see all the fun that was had) the creativity from the morning’s session here:


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