Member List and Links

Current RRAA members and links to their

websites and blogs when applicable.


Adamson, Nan Oil
Baldwin, Nina    Acrylic   blog
Bass, Darryle Gourds
Blake, Wanda Oil Abstracts
Brown, Ginnie Acrylic
Burns, Timothy Printmaking
Condit, Mitzi Color pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylics
Crowley, Bob   Photography
Curtis, Dennis Photography
Falanga, Hannah Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic
Glaser, Kandace Oil & Acrylic
Hanauer, Sue  Acrylic, watercolor
Hatten, Bruce Photography  Portfolio, Face Book
Hays, Cindy Oil
Huffman, Raymond Acrylics, oils
Kelley, Jerry W. Photography Flickr Photostream
Kingman, Annette Oil
Korotky, Yvonne  Acrylic landscape
McDevitt, Joanne  Oil, watercolor, pastel
McDonnell,Cynthia    Metal sculpture
McDonnell, Joe Oil
McRoberts, Cecelia  Pastel, mixed media, printmaking
Meuret, Marilyn   Wood carving
Papponi, Paula All media
Perez, Carmen Pastel Landscapes
Peterson, Valerie Oil
Phelps, Jayme Oil/acrylic/pastel
Popp, Thomas Oil
Popp, Phyllis Pottery
Randall, Patricia Acrylic, colored pencil, graphite
Schuman, Jo Watercolor
Scott, Paula Encaustics, photography, printmaking, acrylics WebsiteBlogArt BlogFace BookFlickrYou Tube
Sharma, Ana  Watercolor, mixed media  Face Book page
Smith, Peter Oil, watercolor
Strause, Mary Photography
Vigil, Ann Schrimshaw, c/pen
Weixel, Arlene Oil, acrylic
Wilson, Sharon Acrylics, oil
Zeissel, Robert Watercolor, Pastel
Zlatos, Bill acrylics, oil pastel, ink on line portfolio
Zschaechyner, Jeanne acrylic with pen and ink