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RRAA Featured Members

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Baldwin, Nina:  Acrylic paintings. Nina’s paintings are contemporary expressions of her love for the land, the history and the people of New Mexico.  Her “Women Gathering” series comes straight from the heart and is full of beautiful color and flowing lines.  It speaks to all women journeying on their paths, supporting one another and growing in the spirit! Nina’s painting, “Rio Grande Gorge”, will be featured in the soon-to-be published premier textbook, “Color and How to Use It”, by Pearson Prentiss Hall.



Hanauer,Sue : “Where the everyday Meets Surprise”. Sue is a self-taught artist who has spent years reading, watching videos, and observing other artists. She is mostly an abstract painter, but loves mixing it up with paper mache’ and other mediums. Continually learning new media and processes Sue still loves abstracts the most because “the color and the movement of an abstract captures one’s attention and creates new things every time a piece is observed”. She loves being a part of a great community of artists in central New Mexico where she’s lived for 23 years. Though she doesn’t “do” landscapes she still loves the light that creates the contrast and shadows and gets much of her inspiration from it.




Harrison, Pattie: Abstract, contemporary oil  paintings. “I am a New Mexico Artist where Native American and Southwestern influence is in the fabric of the air. I have been asked many times what inspires me to which I have to recognize there is no ONE catalyst. My inspiration is from my soul which belongs to God. I am moved by my family, my friends, the emotional roller coaster we ride in our lives and the creation of nature that is in every glance.  The uniqueness of my work is that the majority can be hung any direction, each providing a different feel for the viewer.  Welcome to Zohotay, where my passion meets canvas, where dreams are woven in the paint and where you might find some dreams of your own.” Contact info: 505 333-8552




Kingman, Annette: Oil paintings. Kingman concentrates on finding the emotions within a single moment, and capturing them in oils.  Her impressionistic style is instinctive, bold, and full of a joy for life. Her passion for art is shared in her classes as well as on canvas.



Korotky, Yvonne: Yvonne paints with acrylics and has a passion for florals and pets. Commission work accepted and reasonable.  75% of the proceeds from the sale of Yvonne’s work is donated to those who need it most. Contact info: 505 604-9647.




Laitner, Linda: photography. Linda views photography as an opportunity to share the sacredness of the universe with others, concentrating in the American Southwest.  Capturing the moment, just one millisecond at a time, hoping to give others a new window on the world so they can see familiar things in a new way is her creative objective.



McDevitt, Joanne: oils, watercolor, pastels. Joanne also does commissioned work and specializes in portraiture of people and pets.



 Scott, Paula: multiple mediums: photography, acrylics, encaustic, hand pulled printmaking, mixed media. Scott’s work is about seeing beauty, transcendence and mystery in everyday things. This is often achieved by way of focusing on details of objects that most people just pass by-as they are too ordinary to give notice to. Surfaces that offer rich patinas obtained by deterioration and aging-that offer patterns and textures, are worth paying attention to, and, yes, even elevating by way of a visual expression.



Weyers, Margaret: oils, acrylics (more info here). Fine Artist and Instructor in oil, acrylics and watercolor.  ” Art is a journey, not a destination.”