Volunteer opportunities abound with RRAA


Without our volunteers, RRAA would not exist-it is an all volunteer based organization. Whether you help out at a venue hang, or become a venue coordinator, a community outreach volunteer, contributing articles to the newsletter and/or blog, help out with refreshments at our monthly meetings; there is something for everyone.

It’s always better to be a part of the solution instead of a critic of the problem. We hope that you make an active choice to get involved. This is your art community; much can be gained by your investing into it. We all know that “many hands make the work light”.

Some artists can make a lot of marks in one stroke, some make very tiny, detailed marks. Each of us have different styles and approaches to our art. Even if a brush has only four hairs on it, it can still make strokes that count! Although some of us are able to make those broad strokes and some of us do the fine, small strokes, all are important in painting that big picture. You don’t have to be the one who does the broad strokes. Your contributions are needed and valued whether it is a broad, medium or detailed stroke. They all add up in creating that big picture!



Interested in volunteering? Just fill out the volunteer form and send it to us.

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