Membership Benefits and Venues

Membership has its perks!


As a member of the Rio Rancho Art Association, you will have the opportunity to exhibit your work at the various venues that the association displays member artwork at. There are also special art exhibits that can occur during the year as a group show effort. Those events are in addition to the regularly scheduled venues listed here. The rotational venue shows are held at the following locations:


Esther Bone Memorial Library
950 Pinetree Road SE, Rio Rancho, NM
Sign up for this venue occurs at the monthly membership meeting
This is a themed show that occurs 3 times a year

Lovelace West Mesa Medical Center

One of our largest venues to hang at-sales occurs here on a monthly basis!

10501 Golf Course Rd, Rio Rancho, NM
Sign up for this venue occurs at the monthly membership meeting
Rotates every other month

To see a complete and current list of all the venues that artists from the Rio Rancho Art Association exhibits at, go here.


Sue Hanauer speaks out in regards to membership benefits:

Sue has lived in New Mexico for almost 25 years and in Rio Rancho since 1996. She has been a member of RRAA since 4 months after its inception in 2004. Sue says “I used to be really timid about my art, but since joining RRAA, and jumping into their projects, my art has evolved to a place where people are recognizing my work. RRAA has helped me better my outlook on what I do and prepared me to make big changes in art as a business. So much help in all aspects of art in one place is rare, but RRAA keeps us moving forward in this technological age.”



Sue Hanauer's art that hangs in the Parks and Recreation Office in Rio Rancho's City Hall.

Sue Hanauer’s art that hangs in the Parks and Recreation Office in Rio Rancho’s City Hall.



These venues are  open to all the artists of the association – from emerging to professional.  Signing up to participate at these venues occur at the monthly membership meetings. Sales do occur regularly at these locations and we hear about these testimonials at our monthly membership meeting!

As a member, you will also have a chance to participate an any special events that the association organizes-such as, the Art Rageous Event where members can sell their work in one location on a specified weekend. These events are marketed and promoted and entry fees are competitively priced.

Many members enjoy meeting and connecting with other artists at the monthly meetings.

An unexpected benefit comes to those who volunteer to teach art in our community outreach programs. Most of the artists who volunteer to teach have never taught before. The smiles and feeling of contributing something meaningful is ever apparent on the faces of those who have volunteered for the such things as the after school SAFE program with the Rio Rancho Public Schools or  the ‘Paint With An Artist’ program.

As an RRAA member a monthly newsletter will be sent to your email in box full of member news, articles of interest and announcements. As an RRAA member, weekly announcements will arrive in your email inbox from our Yahoo Group Room. Here, you will receive calls for art outside of the association, other member announcements, suggestions for trips and outings, art shows and lots of other helpful information. The best part, is that you can use this as a way to communicate with the membership at large.

The Rio Rancho Art Association also runs a blog where other helpful art related information and articles are posted on a weekly basis. Many of the articles are designed to help  you improve the professional and business side of being an artist.